Preparation.    It’s everything.

It’s the difference between getting help or getting hurt.

Generally, eighty percent of our work is done before we step into the ring.  In this case, that ring is bankruptcy court.

We are meticulous about running best-case and worst-case scenarios for you, after an in-depth review of your financial situation and personal circumstances.  We can usually give you an accurate idea of what, if any obstacles, you are likely to face in your case, or if your case is likely to proceed unchallenged.

The devil is always in the details.  Usually in bank records.  Sometimes in public records. Did you sell or transfer assets for less than fair market value? Did you recently repay any family member debts?  Are you expecting a large income tax refund? Did you recently move from another state?

Sometimes the very best advice we have for a client is to wait.  You aren’t ready yet If we step into the ring of bankruptcy court now, you are going to get clobbered.  Bankruptcy is loaded with various time bombs that must be carefully navigated by experienced counsel.  The last thing we want to do is to trip one of those up.

We have had clients that had to heed our advice and go home.  Live to fight another day.  Time can be a friend.  Usually, those clients come back to us, extremely grateful for the restraint we exercised.  Making all the difference in the world now that they were ready to file for bankruptcy.  

But you may very well be ready right now.  You might not only be ready right now, but you might need to file for bankruptcy on an emergency basis.  Facing a foreclosure sale?  An automobile repossession on a car you need for work?  You need experienced, highly capable counsel in your corner.  That’s where we come in. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to escalate, evaluate and execute.  To get your case filed -if necessary – even the very same day you reached out to us, if the circumstances are dire and absolutely demand it.

Bankruptcy is an extremely powerful tool that you can use to KO debt, reclaim your title and get back on top where you belong.

You got this!  We can help.


Disclaimer: The Law Offices of Michael E. Zapin is a debt relief agency and we help our clients file for bankruptcy relief.

The materials and discussions on this website are for informational purposes only and not intended to be legal advice to you. Most of the information on this website is based on Florida law. Laws are not static, they are fluid. Legislatures periodically change dollar values in laws relevant to bankruptcy. Though we strive to remain current on the law, always check primary sources for the most recent values or developments.  Laws in your home state may vary. Contact a competent local professional for actual legal advice or ask us for a referral.