Second Chances

Michael served as lead counsel in a prominent gun rights (Second Amendment) case that led  to the doors of the United States Supreme Court.  This was a case about “second chances” for law-abiding non-violent felons who had served their time and were now part of civil society.

In a twist of fate, the case gained national prominence when Michael was joined by legendary constitutional scholar and advocate, Tom Goldstein, Esq., to prosecute a secondary issue that President Donald Trump’s temporary appointment of Mathew Whitaker as acting Attorney General was improper.

The case was Barry Michaels v. Whitaker (read about the Supreme Court motion here and here and read about the primary issue of restoring the 2nd Amendment to law-abiding non-violent felons here. View the US Supreme Court docket here.

Alas, SCOTUS declined to hear the appeal. Most activists know that when it comes to expanding civil rights, the effort resembles a marathon, not a sprint.  The case was a huge success, if only, to bring the issue to a national stage to raise awareness about the unfairness of laws that disenfranchise law-abiding citizens.

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